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About Us


Ancestral Whisper is a wellness platform connecting good vibes. We are a gentle reminder on being present, as you take a deep breath and remove fear, doubt and worry. We express giving gratitude to self-love, our love ones, and THE ANCESTORS

Get connected through wellness, networking and intentions.


Products made with love. Essential oil blends, Herbs, light & Joy! A deep breath reminder.


Our level of mindfulness events, get togethers, experiences and vibes!!

About KP, Ancestral Whisper Founder

Kia Perry is a Brooklyn, New York native with a passion for wellness and film. KP jumped into the film industry immediately after graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Communications and Media: working on countless diverse sets including music videos, movies, television series and commercials. KP’s work experience spans various positions: producing, creative development, writing, and directing alongside some amazing talents and major production companies. Now, the passionate filmmaker has expanded her professional resume to include entrepreneur.

Grounded in her connection to her own ancestral lineage, KP launched Ancestral Whisper – a multi-faceted wellness brand including essential oils, air purifiers and hand sanitizers. Ancestral Whisper’s offerings do not end with aroma products; KP also leads wellness retreats where she creates an inviting space for participating individuals to explore their own healing journeys.   Each essential oil, air purifier, and sanitizer is artfully crafted to ensure all who utilize the products are able to find their own sense of calm – something KP was pushed to accomplish when noticing her own personal wellness was being significantly impacted due to the demands of the film industry.

Her deep connection with her family, particularly the holistic practices of her grandmothers, led her to search for the best holistic measures to ensure she found ways to pour back into herself. The skills gained during the early start of her film career also provided KP with the skills to connect with people in the wellness world. As highlighted in her own healing journey, KP allows for people to find their own access points to healing – whether that be through aromatherapy, developing the strength to simply say no, yoga, or detoxing mind, body, and spirit. Connecting people with like-minded individuals; giving comfort to hopefully be open to new ways of life: Herbalist, Reiki, detoxing, yoga, and more.

Ancestral Whisper is KP’s homage to her own ancestors that she knows prayed for and pushed her to be her best self in all things.

Whether it be on set navigating the behind-the-scenes or talking with potential customers about the strength of placing an intention to start your day, Kia Perry is a passionate young woman on a path to being her best self through doing the work, always.