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These Detox Salts EMBRACE are a blend of Dead sea salts and Epsom salts. They work wonders for pulling out toxins in the body. Perfect way to soak the body and feet. Breathe deeply and Relax.. These salts are lightly infused with: White tea, Lavender, Jasmine and Mints.

Pairing any of the Ancestral aroma oils with the salts will increase your warm Embrace. (inspired by Root Chakra)


Ways to enjoy

  • Use salts in a warm to hot water (4oz salts, you can use the whole container in one soak)
  • Add a few drops in water of your favorite Ancestral Aroma oil.
  • Or Spray your favorite Air purifier.
  • Take a quick rise off after 30mins of soaking.
  • While slightly damp pair oils to your body and layer with your favorite moisture.
  • These salts work wonders as a Foot soak as well!
  • Use as needed…Enjoy!