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Essential Presence

These Ancestral Aromas (air purifiers) are our signature quality scents. All of our Scents are set with mindful intention to guide you through the day. As we AWAKEN, starting the day by giving thanks. We stay PRESENT, to remind us it’s life’s gift of being alive. And as the day settles we RELEASE, by letting go.



This Air purifier PRESENT is a beautiful reminder of life’s gift. With this purifier, it is impossible not to take a slow inhale/ exhale. The allure of these sensual notes helps invite the intention of being in the present moment. This spray cleanses your space with the enriched aromas of: French VanillaLotus flowerSageSensual blends, and a Grounding element.


Ways to Enjoy:

  • Shake well. Spray in air, walk into it and take deep breaths.
  • Spray on your linens/clothes.
  • Safe on external skin contact.
  • It removes the stand still of smoke.
  • You can pour a few drops into a mist diffuser.
  • Use before meditation or after.
  • Spray during bath/shower time .
  • When you need 5mins to yourself.
  • Spray as needed…..Enjoy!