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Floral Moon



This Body oil FLORAL MOON, also works as an oil diffuser. Made with intentions of Heart Healing and Friendships, these beautiful floral blends stand out giving you a sense of calmness and peace. Reminds you to take a breath and relax. Familiar notes of : Roses, Jasmine, Amber, Essential oils, Almond oil (inspired by Heart Chakra and Friendship). 2 & 4 oz bottles contains florals.

Ways to enjoy:

  • Shake well
  • Apply on the body (Almond oil based) add to the wrist, behind the ears, on the forearm and behind the knees for aroma to last a longer time.
  • Add a few drops into a diffuser, Mist humidifier, or in a candle lit oil burner.
  • Add a few drops into the bath or foot soak.
  • Pairs well with EMBRACE detox salts.
  • Use as needed…Enjoy!